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Terms & Conditions

Products and making a purchase

The product images shown are for illustrative purposes only and may differ from the actual product.

The Customer selects the desired products, expresses and confirms that he/she wishes and agrees to pay the full purchase price of the product before the order is executed. The invoice will be valid for 3 days, if the invoice has not been paid within this period the customer will be deemed to have cancelled the order.

The customer undertakes to provide correct information when completing the form. Võhu Vein AS shall not be liable for any failure to fulfil the order or any consequences arising from the Customers failure to fulfil the order as a result of incorrect information provided by the Customer. A sale is made when the user of the service has placed an order, entered all the necessary data and paid for the order.


All prices on the website are in euros and include VAT.

Please pay for the goods to the account of AS Võhu Vein EE931700017003063697 Luminor Bank.

Please be sure to indicate the order confirmation/invoice number on the payment order.

Võhu Vein AS reserves the right to change the prices of products at any time. If the prices have been changed after the Customer has placed and paid for the order, Võhu Vein undertakes to supply the Customer with the corresponding products at the prices valid at the time of the order.

Withdrawal from the contract before performance by the service provider

Withdrawal from the contract and return of the goods shall be governed by the applicable legislation. In accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Estonia and the European Union, the consumers right of withdrawal and return does not apply to alcoholic beverages.

If the Customer notices on receipt of the goods that the packaging is broken or wet, he/she must immediately make a statement to this effect to Võhu Vein As. If the goods are incorrect or defective, AS Võhu Vein must be notified immediately upon receipt of the goods by e-mail to info@vohuvein.ee The costs of replacement or return of incorrect or defective goods shall be borne by AS Võhu Vein. In case of any questions, please contact us by e-mail at info@vohuvein.ee.

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